Our Vendors

amacs process tower internals

Process Tower Internals, Liquid/Gas, Liquid/Liquid Separation and Mass Transfer Technology (AMACS is the product of a recent merger between AMISTCO Separation Products Inc. and ACS Industries LP.

GROTH Corporation

Rupture Discs, Tank Venting Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Emergency Vent Valves, Flame and Detonation Arrestors, Gas Blanket Regulators, Gauge Hatch, Bio-Gas Digesters from GROTH Corporation


A complete range of API and ANSI pumps to support core markets which are Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Industrial Applications, Water and Mining. Our broad product line complies with the most demanding quality standards and industry specifications such as API, ANSI and Hydraulic Institute Standards.

arroyo process equipment

Industrial Pumps, Industrial Centrifugal Pumps, Commercial Pump Products, Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Industrial Submersible Pumps, Rotary Gear Pump Products, Positive Displacement Pumps, Self Priming Pump Products, Mixing Equipment, Side Entry Mixer Products, Top Entry Mixers, Industrial Gear Boxes, Industrial Electric Motors, Pump Strainers, Packaged Systems, Industrial Pump Repair, Service & Repairs.

ERS - Engineered Resin Solutions

high performance coatings systems for rebuilding of damaged, worn or corroded parts and equipment.


SALT-X is a concentrated rinsing/flushing agent designed exclusively to remove salt residue/crystals from any surface.

SALT-X can be used for rinsing shipboard equipment, ALL tracked and wheeled vehicles and equipment, clothing, web gear, tents, scuba gear, boats, outboard/engines, buildings, air conditioners, etc.

Salt-X is excellent for rinsing homes, buildings, shrubbery, etc., after hurricanes and coastal storms!! Anywhere salt is a problem, SALT-X can be used!

toyo pumps

A world Leader in slurry pumping solutions that handles everything from dirty water to the heaviest slurries

smart measurement

Flow, Energy, Pressure, Temperature and Level Instrumentation.

Body Guard Safety Gear

Body guard is a leading manufacturer of safety consumables such as gloves and eyewear that are used in all industries.


Grainger is a leading distributor of industrial supplies, MRO equipment, tools and materials


Precision Tools, Micrometers, Verniers

Klein Tools

Wrenches, Pipe Benders, Threaders, Pipe Inspection Systems

D&D Power Drive Belt

D&D is a leading manufacturer of rubber v-belts, rubber timing belts and PU steel cord timing belts.

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic represents tools and compressors that are engineered for high performance. In addition to pioneering design, high-impact technology, and durability, Chicago Pneumatic means customer value.


Gyrolok Compression Tube Fittings,
Instrumentation Valves & Manifolds

Gecko Safety Systems

Gecko is a leading manufacturer of safety gear that is used in all industries.